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_______ are from Portugal.

What _______ your job ?

They _______ live in that city now.

There are a lot of _______ on campus.

- Where _______ you live?

- I’m from Italy and our friend is from Germany.

My room is _______ than yours.

- Dylan, what _______ now?

- _______ a message.

Liam will stay with his friends if he _______ to Miami this summer.

While I _______, somebody _______ my phone!

Although Megan is a student, she _______ to the web conference.

It’s really a dream country. If I were you, I _______ there

When Mia got to the airport, she realised she _______ her passport at home.

- Can you tell me _______ in this street?

- Yes, but currently he’s staying with his parents

We _______ for about two hours when suddenly we realized that we got lost.

- Emma’s been to Thailand twice.

- So _______ I.

- I _______ you a lift if I _______ you arrived yesterday.

- That’s ok. You can’t have known. I hadn’t told anyone I would come